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Welcome to Garage Door Gainesville, where we sell, service, and install most garage doors and Garage doors in Gainesville, Georgia and all around North Atlanta, and North Georgia. Call us at 404-884-7389.

Garage doors are a big detail of your home that is often overlooked. Over 30% of the front exterior of your home is taken up by your garage door. They play such a big part in the overall look of your home that they deserve extra attention. No other room in your home is as versatile as your garage. Your garage can be used as a workshop, utility room or play area, so all of the uses need to be considered when you are looking for a Gainesville garage door.

How to Choose a Gainesville Garage Door

Step one to getting a garage door installation is finding your garage door. This leads off with choosing the size that will be perfect for your garage. Garage doors are available in many various sizes , so you can be sure that you’ll find a door to fit your opening. You need to take accurate measurements of your garage door and then call a Gainesville garage door installation specialist. Be sure to take the height, width and depth measurements of your current garage door. The style of door you choose will set the entire look of your home. There are a plethora of different choices. Garage doors are made up of panels that are connected. There are many panel style to choose from. Long raised panels add an element of depth to the dimensions of your home. Short raised panels add dimension with a colonial flare. Long raised panels create the illusion of depth and stability to home.

Gainesville Garage Door Materials

In addition to stylistic details, you also have a choice of materials for your Gainesville garage door. Wood garage doors are the most expensive option but they have the widest variety of styles to choose from. Wooden doors can be painted, or stained to match any home décor. Steel garage doors come in three different varieties and offer an economical alternative to wooden doors. Steel garage doors are made from either a single, double, or triple layers of galvanized steel. Single layer steel doors are the most economical and triple layer steel garage doors are the most secure and offer the most insulation.

Gainesville Insulated Garage Doors

If you’re one of the people use their garage as an extended living space, it’s important to get a garage door that has proper insulation. Insulated garage doors moderate the temperature in the garage and protect it from the elements. The insulation ratings of doors are noted with an “R” rating. In cold climates, you should have at least an R-3 but may need to go up to an R-10 or higher. Aside from getting the right insulation rating, you should invest in quality weather stripping to seal around the spaces of the door. Call Garage Door Gainesville for an inspection or consultation on a new garage door!

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