Garage Door Installation

Garage doors may look like a simple machine, but they are actually pretty complex. That’s why it’s so important to have a garage door company do a professional installation. Garage Door Gainesville handles all types of garage door installations and can help restore the function and look of your garage door.

Basic Garage Door Construction

Garage doors normally consist of four to five sections. These sections are connected by hinges. They go upward and downward along tracks. These tracks have rollers attached to the two sides of the doors. When you lift, or a garage door opener mechanism lifts, the bottom of the garage door, the panels will tilt and move up toward the ceiling of the garage.

The biggest work of garage door operation is done by garage door springs. These heavy-duty springs are relaxed when the door is open. When the door is closed, the garage door spring on either side of the opening will get tenser. This tension prevents the doors from crashing down and it helps you (or the mechanical garage door opener) lift the garage door with ease.

Professional Garage Door Installation

One of the most popular home improvements projects is garage door installation, but unless you’re very experienced it is better done by a professional. Installing a garage door takes know-how and the right tools. If you’ve never installed a garage door before you may run into problems with the process involved.

A technician skilled in garage door installation can assess what size door is needed for the opening in the garage. He or she will then remove the existing garage door with a partner. Most of the work of garage door installation requires two people. The most dangerous part of removing an old garage door is dealing with the old springs.

The technician will ensure that the jamb fasteners are flush with the jambs, and that the jambs are securely bolted to the sides. Then the expert will take care of each panel before installing it into the opening. Rollers are inserted into each hinge and weather stripping is added to the bottom of the garage door. Brackets and screws can keep weather stripping intact because it gets a lot of wear and tear.

Other steps include putting wheels into the panel’s brackets and hinges so the door will roll smoothly. The paneling will need to be loaded into the track and then raised up so a cable can be attached to the bracket.

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