Roll Up Door Repairs

Roll up doors are one of the biggest and most vital machines in your home today. Upkeep is essential because of the frequency Roll up doors are used. Roll up door breakdown is inevitable because of the use that they get. In addition to wear and tear, your Roll up door may be hit by your vehicle which can cause dents.

Roll up door maintenance schedules

Keeping a regular maintenance schedule can stave off costly repairs down the road. Maintenance will take care of a lot of the damage that can happen due to wear and tear. A yearly check of your Roll up doors mechanisms will keep it in top running shape. The tasks for maintenance include painting or refinishing wood Roll up doors, lubricating rollers, lubricating bearings, lubricating pulleys and lubricating springs.

The counter balance system may need to be adjusted. Of course, these maintenance checks can’t prevent cosmetic repairs, like dents and dings, but they will keep the mechanical parts in good working order.

Along with annual maintenance you can also decrease the incidence of necessary repairs by practicing basic safety with your Roll up door. Keep your Roll up door area clear of boxes and other debris that could interrupt it’s functioning. Be sure to open the Roll up door before you start the car so you don’t accidentally back into it, not to mention avoiding filling your garage with toxic smoke.

Replace the springs as needed, or enlist the help of our specially trained experts at Garage Door Gainesville do it for you. Be aware of what your warranty covers, some or most of your replacement parts may be free or deeply discounted.

Roll up door repair

A specialist is needed when it comes to Roll up door repair due to their complexity. Roll up doors are heavy and require a complex system of pulleys, runners and electrical work. Without the proper training you could end up hurting yourself or further damaging the Roll up door.

Common Roll up door repairs include adding an automated garage door opening system and installing a garage door replacement. Garage Door Gainesville can take care of any of your Roll up door repair needs.

Call Garage Door Gainesville today for an estimate on your Gainesville Roll up door repair!

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