What To Do When Garage Doors Won’t Open Or Close

 If you are wondering what to do when garage door won’t open or close, then we have information for you. Like all machinery, garage doors are inclined to develop problems after some extensive usage. Generally, it is best for you to call upon the expertise of the professional in this sort of a situation, because if you try to take a shot at repairing something that you have had no prior experience or training in doing; you might end up inflicting more damage to the system. As a result of that, you would have to end up spending more money than you were originally supposed to. Besides that, the situation with faulty garage doors is such that if you fail to take the proper precautions regarding your safety while working on them, you might cause serious bodily injury to yourself.

 However, it is always prudent to have a general idea about how things work and what potential problems might creep up with regards to their performances. That is because, if you have a fair notion of what might have gone wrong with your possession, in this instance- the garage door, then the technician won’t be able to fleece you in the name of unnecessary repairs and installations.

 Probable Causes And Remedies

 The most common cause for doors not being able to open or close properly lies in some sort of malfunction with the garage door remote. In case of such a failure, you could unfasten the garage door opener from the door and try to close it manually. If unfastening the garage door opener doesn’t solve the problem, then the root of it might lie in the driving mechanism of the automatic door. This problem could range from anything like the transfer chain needing a tension adjustment to a worn out chain drive sprocket. To find out what is wrong with the mechanism, you should remove the cover of the mechanism to see what’s happening. Tampering with the small parts is not advisable because that might complicate the problem even further. In case the safety beams are damaged or misaligned or the gear assembly is worn out; it is best to call a technician immediately.


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