Single Torsion Spring Assembly For Garage Doors

 A standard torsion spring assembly or a single torsion spring assembly for garage doors comes with a stationery cone that serves to secure the torsion spring to the spring anchor basket. A winding cone is attached to the other end of the torsion spring, which comes into use while installing, uninstalling or adjusting the springs. Single torsion spring assemblies hold a distinct advantage over other types of garage door springs in their longevity and efficiency. It is important to understand how to install single torsion spring assembly on your garage door before attempting it.

Torsion springs use the enormous amount of torque, which can be stored in them, to operate the garage doors. This torque is created by winding up the coils of the spring; in turn the torque is used to generate lift for the garage door. To stop the garage doors to be lifted abruptly and to prevent the door shaft from spinning dangerously, a couple of cables are employed that are tightly wrapped around the cable drum and run through the length of the garage door, and are secured at the bottom bracket. The weight of the garage door should ideally slightly exceed the lift generated by the torsion spring.

Advantages Of Single Torsion Spring Assembly

 A single torsion spring, creating only slightly lesser lift than the weight of the garage door, enables the door to feel a lot less heavier than it actually should. This results in the user finding it easy to open and close the garage door manually. The lower relative weight of the garage door also contributes in prolonging the life of the garage door opener. Lesser the power employed by the door opener in opening and closing the door, the longer it lasts.

 It should always be remembered that working with torsion springs entails a considerable amount of physical risk. That’s why it would be prudent to employ the services of professionals regarding any repair, installation or replacement of torsional springs. Failure to follow safety guidelines in any job entailing working with this kind of equipments can result in loss of limb, and even life.  

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