Weighing A Garage Door

 If you are wondering how to weigh a garage door, we can surely help. Weighing a garage door is necessary to confirm the dimensions of a torsion spring. Along with the information regarding the height of the garage door, the drums and track radius, the weight of the garage door will help you in determining the correct type of springs that would be required to balance your door.

It is important to remember that a regular bathroom scale would do a better job of measuring the weight of the garage door than a digital scale. That’s because regular bathroom scales can adjust the weight readings according to changing weights, while digital scales are designed to register the readings in a small window of time.

The following steps highlight the process of weighing a garage door.

Disengage the opener arm. Simply disengaging the drawbar carriage from the trolley is not going to be enough. That is because the outer carriage might latch on to the inner carriage, resulting in false readings and even damage to the opener and the door itself.

  • Place a light wooden board on an analogue scale and position it on the center of your garage door. Then lower the door on to the scale and take the reading. In case your garage door is heavier than 150 pounds, it is advisable to use two analogue scales, positioning each of them at 1/3rd and 2/3rd of the length of the garage door respectively.
  • If one of the springs in the mechanism of the garage door is still wound, slightly loosen the cables so as to put the full weight of the door on the scale(s).
  • Making sure that the cables are loose, keep taking the weight readings of the garage door from the analogue scale.

It must always be remembered that working with garage doors and its related components is a risky job, and you must always take the help of professionals, if you don’t have the appropriate training and experience regarding garage doors repairs and replacements.

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